The Return on Investment of Job Benchmarking

Many organizations are successfully using behavioural assessments to augment their selection process and career development programs. When behavioural profiling is used in conjunction with job benchmarking we are able to help companies pin point the root cause of many business issues such as high turnover, low morale, low productivity and weak sales. We help our clients assess the key skills required in mission critical roles and evaluate incumbents using validated objective assessments against these benchmarks to identify ‘fit’ for the role. We then create a gap analysis that clearly shows if their people and/or the roles need to be reconfigured and where development resources are best allocated.

Please enjoy these case studies that highlight the tremendous benefits to your business of using the job benchmarking process. Feel free to contact us for more information.

Case Study 1: Job benchmarking results in increase in retail profits of 30%, and manufacturing sales of 40%

Case Study 2: Using Benchmarks to Reduce Turnover by 50% Case Study 3: Increase productivity with Emotional Intelligence- Billable hours increased 30%, and profit after tax increased by 25%

Case Study 4: Job Benchmarking and Employee Onboarding Result in $2.2 Million Turnaround

Case Study 5: Sales Force Turnover Reduced to Zero from 74% Due to Job Benchmarking

Case Study 6: Sales Team Skyrockets to First Place from Last Place Position

Case Study 7: Company Experiences 940% ROI and 40% Reduction in Turnover