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Simply. . . Trust Your Gut!
Learn a 5 Step Process for Connecting with Your Intuition Everyday!

Research Subjects Required!

Become a research subject and contributor to the upcoming book, ‘Simply… Trust Your Gut,’ by Rebecca Heaslip.  Your stories about how you achieved success by following the 5 Step Process for Intentional Intuition™; will be profiled in the book. Download a flyer to learn more . . .

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Do you often feel overwhelmed and confused the more information you acquire for decision-making?

Do you have a desire to have more control over your life? A desire to be the driver of your own success?

We make dozens of decisions every single day. Fortunately many of these don’t require a lot of thought – hmmm…blue shirt or brown shirt? We can comfortably live with either option. However, when it comes to the bigger decisions surrounding career, family, romance, health and finances we want to be sure that the choices we make resonate with our heart, mind and soul. Simply… our gut knows what is best for us. We just need to pay more attention to it and trust that it will point us in the direction of the best decision.

What is intuition? The terms commonly used include gut instinct, inner wisdom, gut reaction, sixth sense, gut feel, a hunch, my third eye, a ‘knowing’. It doesn’t matter what you call it as long as you use it! When you make choices that are in tune with your gut, you experience less anxiety and become clearer on what is right for you, resulting in a greater likelihood for success.

Get FREE Quiz Here: Rate Your Intuitive Abilities. Click Here

Are you interested in learning the secrets to success from respected leaders and celebrities who regularly draw on their intuition to help them make decisions that just ‘feel’ right?

Seeking Celebrity Contributors!
Rebecca Heaslip is currently conducting research for her upcoming book”‘Simply… Trust Your Gut!’ and requires your assistance. If you have connections to well recognized professionals in Canada and the United States including CEO’s of major corporations, celebrities, people in the arts & entertainment industries, professional sports figures etc., who advocate using their gut for decision-making, please contact Rebecca here. This soon to be released motivational self-help book will appeal to the broad consumer market particularly those who want to enrich their lives while making them simpler by making decisions that align with their heart’s desire.

‘Simply… Trust Your Gut!’ Will provide insight and inspiration from celebrities and leaders whose lives have been enriched by the simple act of trusting their gut. The book will also provide practical strategies and exercises to help you become more intuitive and in touch with your inner wisdom.

‘Simply… Trust Your Gut!’
Stay tuned!

 If you would like to receive a detailed synopsis of the book and an author biography, or… if you have connections to celebrities and leaders who might be appropriate contributors, please contact us.


Recent Posts

Old Habits Die Hard

We are creatures of habit – from the time we get up in the morning until we go to bed at night we engage in countless daily routines such as brushing our teeth or turning on our computer. Research shows that we make upwards of 11,000 decisions every day–thankfully most are unconscious and involuntary – meaning… we don’t really have to think about them, we just do it!

A habit is defined as a settled or regular tendency or practice especially one that is hard to give up. Over the past few months I established a habit of reading the news feeds morning and night or watching news on TV. I recently came to the conclusion that I was devoting too much time to hearing the same events played out over and over again and the stories were mostly negative and often horrible. I’ve made a conscious decision to catch up on news only once a day, and not at night so as not to disturb my sleep. I recognized that in order to change this habit I needed to replace it with a new habit that was more satisfying. I have decided to use this 30 minute daily pocket of time to connect with business colleagues on social media – to  read informative and motivational articles, respond to posts and submit material such as this blog. I hope to ‘see’ you more regularly online!

If you’ve recognized that one or more of your habits are no longer serving you well, ask yourself this question:  What are the costs of sticking with this habit?  Or conversely –What are the benefits of changing this practice? What new practice would you like to develop? It’s important to identify the benefits or WIFM (What’s in it For Me) in order to build momentum towards your new goal.

Remember it takes a minimum of 21 days to develop a new practice into a habit and then you must continue with it to ensure it sticks?

What new habit would you like to develop? Share it below if you feel so inclined. Going public with your goals gives it a boost.

I hope you are enjoying the summer.


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