How to Launch Stress-Free 360 Surveys


“How to Launch Stress-Free 360 Surveys”

a handbook by Rebecca Heaslip, President of Leadership Insight. 


This easy-to-follow instructional handbook outlines the best practices for implementing 360 Degree Feedback Surveys in your organization to assess employee/manager performance and potential.

In this short guide, managers, human resources professionals, and executives learn how to:

  • get buy-in amongst team members for surveys
  • create enthusiasm
  • boost participation
  • generate better results


You will also learn how to create a survey environment free of stress and anxiety for participants and their raters, and for the coordinator of the survey.

With tried-and-true steps for effective design, administration and follow-up to a 360 survey, you’ll understand why companies around the world regularly employ this tool.

Through our extensive experience in implementing 360 surveys we have identified the right and wrong way to implement these surveys. You won’t just learn the differences, but also the best steps for putting them to use.

This must-read handbook for launching 360 degree feedback surveys is available to purchase in PDF format here or alternatively on Amazon  Kindle  for $9.97.


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