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Summer Offer – Get Focused and Strategic!

Many businesses are quieter in the summer with staff taking coveted vacations, which is a good thing! Now is the perfect time for business owners and leaders to sit back and reflect on successes and challenges in their business and personal life, and commit to developing a strategic plan to navigate growth.

When James Fischer, author of Navigating the Growth Curve, researched 650 CEOs over the course of six years, he identified three main reasons why companies failed:

  • They lacked a sustainable profit model.
  • They couldn’t create a work community that produced a high level of employee engagement.
  • They didn’t have a model for which they could understand and predict the growth of their company.

In summary, these companies were tackling challenges as they arose without an understanding of what to anticipate as they navigated change, thus, preventing them from becoming agile organizations.

With my recent certification in Growth Curve™, I am able to do for your company what I have helped many of you do for your people – provide validated assessment of strengths, areas for improvement and develop smart action plans. Our Growth Strategy Program offers small and mid-sized companies and divisions of larger organizations the following . . .

  • A comprehensive organizational X-Ray assessment of your company’s current stage of growth as viewed by the CEO and his/her team.
  • Easy to read reports detailing the top challenges that are impacting the company’s ability to grow.
  • A strategy session with the senior team to develop a plan that has the team agreeing on the key initiatives to solve that will help move the company or division forward.

SPECIAL! It’s my pleasure to offer you this exciting new program at a discounted rate for the next two months. Contact us to discuss before September 1st and we will honour a 30% discount on strategy sessions held before November 30th, 2013.

Our goal is to help you manage your business before it manages you!

Let’s help you build an agile organization and engaged staff for 2013 and beyond. For more information, please call 888-878-5913.

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